Introducing Golden Acres Genuity VT Triple PRO Corn Hybrids

When Monsanto told us about the benefits of offering Genuity VT Triple PRO to our customers, I was skeptical. “Isn’t that going to raise seed prices even more?” I thought. “Is the increase in yield great enough to offset the increase in cost?” Golden Acres is committed to offering premium quality seed to southern farmers, but NOT if it doesn’t make financial sense to you or to us. Here’s what we promise:

Better insect protection— Genuity VT Triple PRO controls a broader spectrum of insects, including corn earworm, corn borer, fall armyworm and rootworm—and reduces the risk of aflatoxin.

Reduced refuge requirements in cotton-growing areas— planting Genuity VT Triple PRO allows a refuge reduction from 50% down to 20%. You can now protect 80% of your acres from the most damaging insects.

Higher yields—Research data shows Genuity VT Triple PRO increases yields, as much as 20 bushels per acre in most Southern locations.

20 bushels per acre sounds good, and preliminary testing has backed up those numbers. The key to this new technology is pairing it with the right genetics—those best adapted to this region. Golden Acres has incorporated Genuity VT Triple PRO in proven genetic platforms scientifically selected for top performance in the South. Plus, we’re developing a value calculator, adjusted to your farming operation and local conditions, to enable you to determine if Genuity VT Triple PRO can make you more money.

We understand you’re skeptical. We were too. Let us show you what convinced us.

Download the Golden Acres Priorities Newsletter - May 2009 for more information.

When Monsanto told us about
the benefits of offering GenuityTM
VT Triple PROTM to our customers,
I was skeptical. “Isn’t that going
to raise seed prices even more?”
I thought. “Is the increase in
yield great enough to offset the
increase in cost?” Golden Acres is
committed to offering premium
quality seed to southern farmers,
but NOT if it doesn’t make
financial sense to you or to us.
Here’s what we promise:
• Better insect protection—
Genuity VT Triple PRO controls
a broader spectrum of insects,
including corn earworm, corn
borer, fall armyworm and
rootworm—and reduces the risk
of aflatoxin.
• Reduced refuge requirements
in cotton-growing areas—
planting Genuity VT Triple PRO
allows a refuge reduction from
50% down to 20%. You can now
protect 80% of your acres from
the most damaging insects.
• Higher yields—Research
data shows Genuity VT Triple
PRO increases yields, as much
as 20 bushels per acre in most
Southern locations.
20 bushels per acre sounds
good, and preliminary testing
has backed up those numbers.
The key to this new technology
is pairing it with the right
genetics—those best adapted
to this region. Golden Acres
has incorporated Genuity VT
Triple PRO in proven genetic
platforms scientifically selected
for top performance in the
South. Plus, we’re developing
a value calculator, adjusted to
your farming operation and
local conditions, to enable you
to determine if Genuity VT Triple
PRO can make you more money.
We understand you’re skeptical.
We were too. Let us show you
what convinced us .

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